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digital.eyeworldap.org ASIA  PACIFIC EyeWorld Daily News • The official APACRS Singapore Show Daily Sunday, 14 July 2013 Role of intracameral antibiotics debated in symposium by Ellen Stodola EyeWorld Staff Writer JCRS symposium participants discuss the role of intracameral antibiotics with endophthalmitis T he JCRS symposium highlighted several topics, including the use of intracameral antibiotics pertaining to cataract surgery. The session was chaired by Peter Barry, MD, Ireland and Roger Steinert, MD, U.S., with moderators Emanuel Rosen, MD, UK, Thomas Kohnen, MD, Germany, Terrence O'Brien, MD, U.S., and David Hardten, MD, U.S. Dr. Barry discussed an endophthalmitis study, and specifically mentioned comparing results from one done by ESCRS with a very recently published study from California. The studies had similar results, using cefuroximine and comparing the endophthalmitis rate with and without this treatment. He said that the purpose of the ESCRS study was to show efficacy, safety, and to encourage an approved commercial product, which he said has now been achieved in Europe. Dr. Barry said he hopes that the Northern American study would be another piece to encourage acceptance of intracameral antibiotics. Terrence O'Brien, MD, speaks about endophthalmitis at the JCRS symposium. continued on page 3 Multiple options for presbyopia treatment by Erin L. Boyle EyeWorld Senior Staff Writer W Graham Barrett, MD hile many possibilities exist for presbyopia treatment, it is still a difficult refractive error to treat, with results often inconsistent across patient groups, experts said at the "Presbyopia Philosophy – The Right Choice?" symposium. The symposium, co-hosted by the Philippine Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, was chaired by Benjamin Cabrera, MD, Philippines, and John Chang, MD, Hong Kong. Physicians discussed a range of presbyopia correcting methods, including an inlay, IOLs, and corneal refractive surgery. At the end of the symposium, Graham Barrett, MD, Australia, spoke about "Monovision – Still the Best?" "We've heard today about the different approaches to presbyopia," said Dr. Barrett. "Some surgeons choose multifocal lenses, and others, accommodative lenses. We even heard today about INTRACOR, SUPRACOR (Bausch + Lomb and Technolas Perfect Vision, TPV, Munich) presbyLASIK and the KAMRA intraocorneal inlay AcuFocus (Irvine, Calif.). A common thread is that people try and choose a tech- nique for individual patients, depending on their life-style, depending on their personality." He said his approach is different, in that he does not use any of these approaches – he instead uses modest monovision for presbyopia correction. "For me, it provides the greatest chance at success as defined by satisfied patients with the least compromise in their vision and still have functional near vision," he said. A number of the presentations were about IOL technology for prescontinued on page 3 But not for enVista Actual slit-lamp photograph of glistenings in a competitive acrylic IOL. ® . Glistenings do exist. 1. enVista™ Directions for Use. 2. Tetz MR, Werner L, Schwahn-Bendig S, Batlle JF. A prospective clinical study to quantify glistenings in a new hydrophobic acrylic IOL. Presented at: American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Symposium & Congress; April 3-8, 2009; San Francisco, CA. ©2013 Bausch + Lomb Incorporated. ™ denotes trademark of Bausch + Lomb Incorporated. SU6635 09/11 Introducing the new standard in acrylic IOL performance. No glistenings detected at any time in a 2-year prospective study1,2 Bausch + Lomb aspheric Advanced Optics Insertion through a 2.2-mm incision Designed to minimise PCO Contact your Bausch +Lomb representative to learn more about enVista , a revolutionary new IOL. ®

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