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ADVERTORIAL Hot Topics in Cataract Surgery: Femtosecond and Glistening-Free IOL Friday, 12 July at 12:40 hrs Hall 2, Level 4 Moderator T his year's APACRS Bausch + Lomb lunch symposium will focus on new age technology, and it will specifically look at "Hot Topics in Cataract Surgery: Femtosecond and Glistening-Free IOL." The symposium will take place on Friday, July 12, beginning at 12:40hrs in Hall 2, Level 4. Invited speakers include Terrence O'Brien, MD, West Palm Beach, Fla., Robert Ang, MD, Makati City, Philippines, Manfred Tetz, MD, Berlin, and Mike Holzer, MD Mike Holzer, MD, Heidelberg, Germany. Dr. Tetz also wil serve as moderator for the symposium. Faculty "Bausch + Lomb has been hosting similar symposia over the last couple of years at major conferences in the Asia-Pacific, namely APAO and APACRS," said Sankalp Bajpai, senior marketing manager, Bausch + Lomb Asia-Pacific surgical department. "These symposia provide an opportunity for the users to share their experience and learning on the Bausch + Lomb range of innovative products with their Terrence O'Brien, MD colleagues who attend the sessions." Mr. Bajpai said the choice to focus on new age technology at the symposium goes along with the company being on the forefront of advances in ophthalmology. Bausch + Lomb has introduced many new products and technologies in recent years, and this type of symposium has allowed for those using the new products and technologies to share their experiences. "Keeping the interest of Asia-Pacific doctors and paRobert Ang, MD tients in focus has always been one of the priorities for the 'New Age Technologies' symposia," Mr. Bajpai said. In addition to Dr. Tetz's talk, which will focus on defining glistening-free vision with the enVista and enVista Toric, Dr. Ang will be discussing his experience and patient outcomes with the enVista Toric in Asian patients. "This also ties into the theme of the 26th APACRS meeting—'Pearls from the Orient,'" Mr. Bajpai said. Dr. Ang said that managing corneal astigmatism during Manfred Tetz, MD cataract surgery is very important for good visual outcomes, and there are tools that help measure astigmatism and lenses to help correct this. "There are several brands of toric IOLs in the market," he said. "Soon to be available in Southeast Asia is the Bausch + Lomb enVista Toric IOL." His talk will focus on "Early Asian Experiences with enVista Toric." Dr. Ang said that the glistening-free platform is the unique feature of the lens. "We will present our outcomes in Asian eyes and offer tips and pearls for those who would like to try implanting this lens," he said. Meanwhile, Dr. Holzer's talk, "Experiences with the VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgeries," will look at the versatility of the laser platform. "The VICTUS platform has the capability to perform cataract surgery procedures including capsulotomy, lens fragmentation as well as corneal and arcuate incisions, LASIK flaps, therapeutic indications, and Intracor," Dr. Holzer said. "The advanced docking system comprising the curved patient interface andHpressure sensors will be discussed, along with the real-time OCT, which allows procedural planning and monitoring." Dr. Holzer said he will discuss his experiences using the VICTUS laser for both routine and challenging cases. "Results on the accuracy of the capsulotomy diameter, effective phaco time, average phaco time, and visual outcomes using the laser will be presented and compared with the manual technique," he said. Dr. Tetz will present on "Defining Glistening-Free Vision: enVista and enVista Toric," while Dr. O'Brien's topic is "Evolving Fluoroquinolone Resistance: Unfinished Business and Key Challenges." EWAP Thursday Singapore 2013 Refractive highlights by Erin L. Boyle EyeWorld Senior Staff Writer W ith the line between refractive and cataract surgery blurring ever more steadily, this year's refractive program at the 2013 APACRS meeting will feature a symposium on the convergence of the two subspecialties, as well as specific refractive offerings. Here are some of the highlights that attendees can expect in the refractive arena. Thursday In the APACRS Core Instructional Courses, a course (CIC06) on Thursday will offer a look across subspecialties for the refractive surgeon in "What the Refractive Surgeon Needs to Know About Glaucoma." From 10:45 – 12:15hrs in Room 335, Level 3, faculty Shamira Perera, MD, Singapore, Prin Rojanapongpun, MD, Thailand, Sri Ganesh, MD, India, and Zhou Qi, MD, China, will lead the course. According to the meeting program, this course will assist refractive surgeons in their experiences with glaucoma patients. The subjects discussed will include: glaucoma identification in the highly myopic patient, measurement of IOP post-LASIK, cataract surgery in subjects with primary angle-closure glaucoma, and phakic IOLs and the association with glaucoma. "At the conclusion of this course, attendees will have a better understanding of how to manage patients with glaucoma who have had or are considering refractive surgery," the program says. In other refractive offerings Thursday, a Master Class will feature "From FLEx to SMILE," examining the all-in-one femtosecond laser refractive procedure, refractive lenticule extraction, or ReLEx (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Jena, Germany), and the different surgical techniques involved with the procedure. The MC03 class will be held from 13:30 – 15:00hrs in Room 335, Level 3. Two other Master Classes also have refractive offerings. One is "Advanced Biometry," a MC05 class from 15:30 – 17:00hrs in Room 334, Level 3, which will feature information about achieving good refractive outcomes in cataract cases with previous refractive surgery. The other is "Flawless Femto LASIK Flaps," a MC06 class from 15:30 – 17:00hrs in Room 335, Level 3. That Master Class will highlight the basics of flap creation with two LASIK platforms. A symposium at Cornea Day (CDS4) will cover "Cornea & Refractive Challenges – The Best of the Worst!" Speakers will discuss their greatest challenges and/or worst complications in the last 12 months in corneal and refractive cases with Prema Padmanabhan, MD, India, and Vilavun Puangsricharern, Thailand, chairing the session. It will be held from 14:30 – 15:00hrs in Hall 1, Level 4. Friday The Meet-the-Experts on Friday morning from 07:30 – 8:30hrs in the Networking Zone, Exhibition Hall will feature roundtable discussion with experts on a variety of topics over breakfast, including femtophaco and LASIK. Pre-registration is required to guarantee a seat. A symposium on Friday from 14:00 – 15:30hrs in Hall 2, Level 4, will cover the crossroads of cataract and refractive surgery in the cornea subspecialty in Symposium 2 (S2), "Corneal Controversies in Cataract & Refractive Surgery." The symposium will be jointly hosted by the Asia Cornea Society and the Cornea Society USA. A symposium that day will examine the merging of refractive and cataract surgery, in "One Problem, Different Solutions – The Convergence of Cataract & Refractive Surgery," co-hosted by the Korean Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (KSCRS). The Symposium 3 (S3), held from 16:30 – 18:00hrs in Hall 1, Level 4, will feature a cataract and a refractive surgeon's perspective on the same topic, exploring clinical scenarios in both subspecialties as the lines between them merge. "Listen to eminent teams of ophthalmologists discuss the best ways to manage … clinical problems from their perspective as a refractive or cataract surgeon. This is not a debate. There may not be a right or wrong solution. But it will be an informative, educational and entertaining session," the program says. Chairs at the symposium are Hung-Won Tchah, MD, Korea, from KSCRS, and Chan Wing Kwong, MD, Singapore, from APACRS. Clinical scenarios include the following: "High Visual Demands," Prema Padmanabhan, MD, cataract surgeon, India, and Damien Gatinel, MD, refractive surgeon, France; "I Want to be Young Again," Hiroko continued on page 10

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