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6 | SUPPLEMENT TO EYEWORLD DAILY NEWS, APRIL 23, 2022 Connecting the dots: Advancements in cataract surgery Alcon Vision Suite: Comprehensive, integrated surgical suite L awrence Woodard, MD, might have half a dozen pieces of equipment that take him through the surgical process, preop through postop, with his cataract and refractive patients, but these technologies don't work inde- pendently of each other—they're connect- ed. They're part of the Alcon Vision Suite and SMART Solutions. "I have the ARGOS ® Biometer, the VERION ® Image Guidance components for the LenSx ® Femtosecond Laser and the Digital Marker Microscope, the LenSx ® Femtosecond Laser, the LUXOR REVALIA ® Microscope, the ORA SYSTEM ® , and the NGENUITY ® 3D Visualization System," he said. "As our surgeries have become a lot more complex over the years … we have many more things to do to help us achieve procedure while saving time and decreas- ing the chance for human error." This information is also sent automat- ically to the ORA SYSTEM ® for intraop- erative aberrometry, but the data sharing doesn't end there. "Our ORA SYSTEM ® information is saved to the cloud and allows us to postoperatively enter information to help improve our outcomes," Dr. Woodard said, adding that this feature is not fully appreciated. "A lot of people think of the ORA SYSTEM ® as a way of getting an intraoperative measurement for IOL power selection and that's it. But the brains behind the ORA SYSTEM ® is the ability of AnalyzOR™ to fine tune and optimize outcomes. ... The ORA SYSTEM ® constantly optimizes based on input regis- tered into the system with the postopera- tive results. You enter postop information in the AnalyzOR™ component of the ORA SYSTEM ® … [and] the ORA SYSTEM ® uses that information to constantly update its algorithms to adjust the IOL power it recommends. "If you're consistently a little myopic or hyperopic on outcomes, it will adjust that over time. The more information you put into the ORA SYSTEM ® , the more precise your data becomes over time." While integrated technologies are be- coming more common place, the connec- tion of preop diagnostics with the surgical The Alcon Vision Suite Source: Alcon Lawrence Woodard, MD the best possible outcome. In the midst of utilizing all the newer preoperative and intraoperative devices, it has become a challenge to integrate all of these various technologies because it can be quite time consuming for our technicians and staff." Alcon has solved this challenge with a comprehensive, integrated surgical suite. In Dr. Woodard's clinic it all starts with the ARGOS ® Biometer, which he de- scribed as the "surgical hub for planning the entire procedure." The ARGOS ® Biom- eter is not just a biometer, he continued. It initiates the process of image guidance that will be carried through the surgical procedure. "Our technicians do not need to manually enter patient data into the devices prior to performing the proce- dure, decreasing our chance of manual transcription error. It also transmits our surgical plan to the laser [and transfers] all the patient information to the laser. That same image guidance information is sent to the OR and is part of the timeout sequence so that we're now able to identi- fy that we have the correct information on the correct patient without that infor- mation having to be inputted manually. Digital registration of the eye is also used, which eliminates the need to manually mark the eye with a surgical marking pen," Dr. Woodard said, explaining that these features "[improve] accuracy of the

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