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by Ellen Stodola EyeWorld Staff Writer '60 Minutes' session looks to the future of anterior segment surgery continued on page 3 continued on page 3 by Ellen Stodola EyeWorld Staff Writer Science and Medicine Lecture discusses the human genome his notebooks in 1837; he then showed an updated tree of life, which has been made circular to see more species. Dr. Rutherford discussed genet- ics, referencing Gregor Mendel and the experiments he performed establishing that pea plants were inheriting traits in discreet patterns. In the discussion of genomes, DNA and the iconic double helix is very important. That was a signifi- cant finding not only because of the biological importance but also be- cause of its structure, Dr. Rutherford said. The double helix is important T he 2014 ASCRS Lecture on Science and Medicine featured Adam Rutherford, PhD, London, speaking about "Stories from the Genome," which he said will be the topic of his next book. Dr. Rutherford began by speak- ing about King Charles II of Spain, focusing on his family history, specifically the inbreeding of the family. "Inbreeding is a fascinating subject, and it's incredibly important for geneticists," he said. He mentioned Charles Darwin's first sketch of the tree of life from F ollowing the Science and Medicine Lecture, the second part of the Sunday Summit was "60 Minutes: Future Directions in Anterior Segment Surgery." The session was moderated by Edward J. Holland, MD, Cincin- nati, and panelists included Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Bonnie An Henderson, MD, Boston, and Thomas W. Samuelson, MD, Minneapolis. Specialists gave their comments on the state of the art in their sub- specialty and shared predictions for the future. Donald T.H. Tan, FRCS, Singapore, discussed cornea surgery; Thomas Kohnen, MD, Germany, addressed presbyopia correction; Reay H. Brown, MD, Atlanta, spoke about glaucoma surgery; Roger F. Steinert, MD, Irvine, Calif., talked about refractive surgery; David F. Chang, MD, Los Altos, Calif., addressed cataract surgery; and Kent Stiverson, MD, Denver, spoke about an alternative model for eyecare. There is a paradigm shift in the way that corneal transplantation can EyeWorld Daily News • The official ASCRS•ASOA Boston Show Daily April 28, 2014 Dr. Rutherford delivers the Lecture on Science and Medicine and spoke about his next book. Drs. Samuelson, Henderson, and Donnenfeld were panelists for "60 Minutes: Future Directions in Anterior Segment Surgery."

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